Unemployed… Flat broke… Ashamed to look in the mirror.

It was 2008 and Adam Holland was at rock bottom.  

And with his first born son already on the way, the pressure to provide for his family was off the charts.

Most people would’ve felt trapped, but Adam was burning inside with the flames of hope…A chance to change everything.

All because he discovered the leverage and power of building his own business online to set himself free.

Now unlike all the hype you see these days with the Insta-millionaires, back then Adam had to build his success online through 3 key factors.

And these are the same key success strategies he still applies to this very day as the founder of his own thriving digital marketing agency, Adam Holland Marketing Inc.

An agency that has helped his clients generate over 3 million leads and over $100+ million in revenue!  

Through changing his mindset from victim to victor, connecting with high achievers and locking in habits that focused on continuous growth…

Adam was able to go from broke and unemployed to earning life changing income.  The type of income that not only replaced his old job, but also retired his wife Kristen at the young age of 31!

And before you know it, Adam was transforming his entire lifestyle.

  • Raking in high ticket commissions on a consistent basis with his online businesses and building lifetime assets. 
  • Earning a reputation as an elite level digital marketing trainer.
  • Speaking from stages at live events in Las Vegas, Cancun and Fiji!

And crafting a life where he could enjoy unlimited abundance when it came to his time, money and relationships.

As Adam increased his capabilities, his vision for life expanded.

Which included a move from a broken down home in upstate New York to the always sunny skies of Arizona.  And over the past few years, Adam has continued to upgrade his lifestyle.

A dream home with his own home gym, a sleek Lexus and what he likes to call his “Ferrari Grand Caravan” 🤣

Plus his online businesses were able to provide him the time and financial flexibility to enjoy a wide variety of travel.  

Not only a wildly romantic getaway to Hawaii…But a 6 week road trip vacation with the entire family across most of the east coast too!

Adam has worked alongside many of the top dogs of entrepreneurship and built lifelong connections with them.  His network of high achievers has become legendary.

Fellow leaders like Keala Kanae, Ann Sieg, Todd Campbell, Jonathan Budd and the late Mark Hoverson just to name a few.

When someone takes the leap to pursue the dream of becoming their own boss within the online marketing community, it doesn’t take long before they come across Adam Holland.

Plus he’s helped a wide variety of business owners generate a massive amount of leads, prospects and radically increase their revenue.

His agency has served the likes of…

Fullstaq Marketer, Debra Silverman Astrology, Entre Institute, Patrick Bet-David and even Nascar superstar Danica Patrick!

The reason so many top flight business owners reach out to Adam and his agency is due to the high standard of his work combined with a no-nonsense approach to generating results for his clients.

Adam is always striving to find the next cutting edge advantage with his marketing strategies to help his clients dominate their niche.

His agency prides itself on eliminating as much of the creative burden from the client as possible.  By doing so, the business owner can keep all of their focus on the most important thing…Serving their clients!

Adam’s agency provides a wide range of services.  

All tailored to help take a client’s expertise and create a streamlined process that guides prospects from initial point of contact all the way to becoming a happy customer.

Whether that be building out a lead generating sales funnel from scratch or creating video ads from script to final edits…

Or with their holistic approach to generating traffic through Google, YouTube, Email and more!

Plus Adam always places an extreme emphasis on providing his clients deep dive tracking and optimization with his marketing campaigns.  

This way he ensures that a client’s budget is being spent effectively to generate the highest ROI on their dollar.

Along with Adam’s marketing agency, he’s also fulfilling a great need in the marketplace for online marketers who feel stuck.  Those who have already lost years and tons of cash investing in shiny object training that provides zero support.

This is why Adam took all 12+ years of his digital marketing knowledge and combined it all within his Fast Start Side Hustle.

Adam has been able to provide his students with a proven, step-by-step process that doesn’t overwhelm them.  Instead, it keeps a focus on consistent progress that eventually leads to real world results.

The same type of results that took Adam from the edge of giving up on it all to reclaiming his life as a digital lifestyle entrepreneur.

Having experienced all the highs and lows that come with online business, Adam is uniquely qualified to provide the no-holds-barred leadership so many people need in these uncertain times.

Adam has a mission to continue to inspire and empower others through his personal coaching and has created 20 internet marketing training courses and programs.

He believes that as long as someone is willing to make a total commitment to themselves, they can break free.

They can break free from a life that isn’t driving them toward their dreams.

All it takes is a choice…The right choice.

A choice to believe you can transform your life starting right now.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” – Adam Holland